Zhejiang photography press
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Press introduction

Zhejiang photography press, founded in 1984, is a state-owned publishing company affiliated with Zhejiang publishing group. Located in the beautiful West lake. Over the past 30 years, efforts have been made to achieve the largest photography press in the country and enjoy considerable authority in the industry. Zhejiang Photography Publishing House is also actively carrying out copyright trade with the United States Kodak Corporation, the British focus publishing house, the British DK company, the United States Wahson G Priddy M publishing company, and strive to walk in the forefront of the industry. Zhejiang photography press has always been adhering to the publishing concept of "high character, high quality and high quality" and is dedicated to displaying a more exciting world for readers through unique graphic perspectives.Zhejiang Photography Publishing House mainly publishes photography techniques and techniques, photography, art, culture and other photographic books, as well as cultural tourism books. In 2009, for the first time in the first grade evaluation of the national publishing and publishing unit, it was rated as the first class publishing unit and won the honorary title of "hundred books publishing units in China".

Main business

Zhejiang Photography Publishing House mainly publishes three kinds of publications, photography, tourism and culture, and edits and publishes a comprehensive periodical "Zhejiang pictorial".Photography books as the main body of Zhejiang Photography Publishing House, published throughout the entire field of Photography: such as photographic equipment, photography techniques, techniques, photography, photography, culture, photography, teaching materials. We are committed to brand building, published a large number of high-level, high-quality photography books, there are currently available for more than 200 kinds of books. The "dictionary of photography" included in the national key project, is by far the only one of the original large-scale photographic books; "Chinese 50 years" meta Chinese founding 50 years of photography photography boutique, witnessed the development of China history; Beijing Film Academy photography professional textbook series "marks the highest level of domestic publishing textbooks professional photography, many colleges and universities selected" 11th Five-Year "national planning textbook: these varieties has become my agency's landmark publications. The more "Photography Master Series" (8), "the world's top photographers birth peak works series" (human portrait, scenery, photography, reported 4), "photography masters lecture series" (4, 2007) and the textbook "College photography essentials" outstanding book market in the country dynamic sales activity, outstanding performance.In the cultural and tourism books, Zhejiang photography press has long been committed to the inheritance of traditional culture, the accumulation of a large number of excellent books, currently available offerings for more than 200. The landmark publications have illustrated the "Chinese photography Culture Series", since 1996 since the publication of Changxiao long "Chinese mahogany furniture" and in 2006 was the first Chinese Book Award nomination "China folk furniture". After years of grinding and accumulation, Zhejiang photography press established a variety of cultural book market brand: such as Chinese tea culture, Chinese folk collection, Jiangnan Water Town and China traditional culture theme painting.